Without going into detail, I'm currently experiencing massive changes in my life and it's been tough. I need a goal, so I thought I'd port my list of books to be read over from my tumblr ([tumblr.com profile] glitteratiglue ). When I counted them up I discovered 29, which is kind of embarrassing. I need to stop just reading articl♥♥♥es from the Guardian and fic, so my new rule is I'm not allowed to buy any new books until I've read the ones I already have (update: I broke this rule early on; haha).

* = currently reading
♥= liked
♥♥= loved
♥♥♥= adored

Have read one on the list so far: Love In The Time of Cholera by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. I think I liked One Hundred Years of Solitude more; his writing is beautiful and the atmosphere he creates is extraordinary, but something about the book just didn't do it for me. It took me a while to get through it.

** Update: October 2017. Just finished Tipping the Velvet and Fingersmith, both by Sarah Waters. I adored the first one, it was an extraordinary and beautiful tale of love and survival. Sarah Waters writes with ingenuity and heart and clearly knows her historical subject matter like the back of her hand. Agh, I love novels set in this time period so much! Fingersmith was also good, but went downhill a little after the twist at the end of the first half and the plot got lost. Overall they were both gorgeous reads.

Also, The Watchmaker of Filigree Street is possibly the most beautiful thing I've read this year. Natasha Pulley's portrayal of clockwork making, two lonely people finding each other and a mystery is rich in description and shows a rare gift for storytelling. I was deeply affected by Thaniel and Keita, even if I have a minor quibble or two about Grace and the way her story was handled. The best way I could describe this book is kind; the sort of writing that is like a mug of tea and a hug from your best friend. For fans of steampunk-ish type books or otherwise, it's a must-read ♥♥♥.
To Read )


So, the biggest news I have is that I'm moving to China in a few months for work!!! It'll be a big change, but I'm excited about it. Currently making a start on learning Mandarin, which means I've been spending most of my time on pinyin tone drills and less on writing. A little apprehensive about the potential impact moving to a country that restricts expression will have on my fic writing hobby, but anyway....

Life stuff and a few problems have meant I haven't managed to finish a piece of writing in MONTHS, which has kind of bummed me out. Have been reading a lot more though, which has to be a good thing. Right now I'm reading Wild Swans by Jung Chang, which is every bit as sweeping and expansive as I expected it to be. I'm learning a lot about Chinese history, and hope to read more books about China soon.

TV-wise, I spent a solid month binge-watching NBC's Hannibal, which was every bit as delightful and over the top as I expected. Predictably, I fell completely in love with Hannibal and Will (and omg, Bedelia <3). Have a few quibbles about some of the weekly plots and the way the female characters were developed, but overall, I adored it, it was perfect and Hannigram is the fucked-up, beautiful pairing of my dreams.

Also just got into Silk, a BBC series about barristers that came out a few years ago. It's surprisingly engrossing, Maxine Peake is a joy and it also stars Natalie Dormer, who I am always in love with, whatever she's in. Maybe I will fic for it, but possibly not.

The past few months I've really been struggling with writing, and I've started/tried to continue so many projects I've been unable to complete. Why is it I can only write fic when I'm on deadline to do something else? Have a ton of planning for school to do, and instead I've dusted off the Serena/Carter sequel thing that's been forever languishing in my drafts. London is sunny and bright today, if windy, and maybe I'll even finish something. Here's hoping.

Yuletide 2016

Oct. 8th, 2016 11:04 pm
glitteratiglue: (elle woods)
 First of all, thank you so much for writing for me! Don't feel constrained by the prompts I've put here if you already have an idea, but I get super excited about all these fandoms and have rambled extensively about them below.

General Writing Things )

Rome (TV 2005) )

Peep Show )

Ballet Shoes - Noel Streatfeild )

Call the Midwife )
I haven't posted here for a while. Writing is grindingly slow at the minute, but I knocked out a quick fic recently, and thought I might as well link it here.

yasgorl sent me 'No Children' by The Mountain Goats as a prompt, and it messed me up. As much as I love Steve and Bucky being deliriously happy, the idea of their relationship becoming too claustrophobic to be healthy always fascinates me. This fic was me taking it to that terrible conclusion. So, here's the post-CACW fic where they don't talk about their feelings, and in the end, it destroys them:

hang on past the last exit (AO3)
Captain America, Steve/Bucky, M, 1446 words (Angst, Break Up, Road Trips)

He hadn't thought Steve would be there waiting for him when he got out.

It might have taken years to fix him. It should have.

Feedback adored.

[I'm sorry. Remind me why I did this. I LOVE THEM AND JUST WANT THEM TO BE HAPPY. AAAGH. Look, just  pretend this has a happy ending in the future -- I did.]
Hi! I'm really looking forward to whatever you're going to write for me. Don't feel constrained by what I've put here if you already have a great idea, but I've put some general preferences below.

General AU tags
I've selected A LOT of tags, and some are pairing-specific, but I wanted to break down some of my main ones. Note you don't have to interpret any of them literally -- any direction you take this in is fine.
AU - Space
I'm so into anything set in space -- Steve and Bucky as astronauts? Meeting Thor on Asgard. Interdimensional travel. Anything like that, I'm game.
AU - Post-Apocalypse Survival
I love, love, love this idea. All of the characters I've chosen would be able to hold their own in a post-apocalyptic world, I think. Nuclear war? Zombie virus? Anything goes. I'd love to see their different take on it depending who the character is. Sam being quietly pragmatic and saving up all the food, Bucky grimly shoring up weapons and ammo. Thor bringing some levity to the situation (or not -- has Asgard been destroyed?).
AU - Future
Superpowered characters and their unidentified lifespans led me to select this one. There's potential for a lot of angst here, if you wanted to go that route.
Writing Things
I like:
Sharp, punchy writing; lots of action and dialogue. 3rd person, please. 
Grace under pressure and competent characters who do their best despite whatever crazy things are happening to them. The sad combined with the absurd is also great, too — I love black humour. Characters in unusual locations or situations are my jam -- the stranger the better, I'm good with it. I’m also a fan of negative space, things that are left unsaid and characters with ambiguous feelings.
I’m less fond of:
Humiliation/embarrassment, pregnancy and kidfic, infidelity, long stretches of character introspection. Unhappy endings aren’t my thing — I’m fine with ambiguous, but there should still be some hope.
Ship preferences:
I like equal relationships, people who banter and snark at each other. Odd couples and people in forced proximity to one another — stranded or lost somewhere is great.
Awkward flirting, meet-cutes, people meeting in bizarre situations and having to make the best of it. Also, pining — ALL THE PINING. I love characters who quietly burn for each other, and don't deal with it very well. I don't like infidelity
** A note on sex:
I like a hot sex scene as much as the next person, but don't feel pressured to include them if you don't want to. I prefer sex to be a function of the narrative, to reveal something about the characters or somehow advance the plot, so if it doesn't do that, feel free to nix it. **
Bucky Barnes/Pepper Potts
Put these two insanely competent characters together; I think magic will happen. Feel free to be creative with this one. I'd love to see Pepper using her Extremis, a situation that throws them together and they have to grudgingly get to know one another -- perhaps post-TWS he somehow comes into contact with Pepper? I can see them meeting differently, if you wanted to explore that. AUs and canon-divergence are cool -- 1940s Pepper and Bucky would be great, but I'm also cool with modern settings.
Steve Rogers/Thor
** I requested them under the ship tag, but I'd also be fine with fic where they're just friends. **
I love their friendship and the quiet ways they seem to understand each other. I feel like Thor would bring out the fun side of Steve, and equally, he might feel able to show Steve his more serious side and let his guard down a bit. Friends to lovers would be a great trope here. Thor is often jokey and full of laughter, but he has the wisdom and weight of thousands of years on him and I'd love to see a different side to that -- how all that knowledge affects him. The Future AU tag would be a great one here -- Thor and Steve being the only ones left alive after all the other Avengers are gone? Steve on Asgard with Thor for some unknown reason? Searching for Bucky with Heimdall? Realm-hopping through the Nine Worlds just for fun? Loki would also be great, here whether as a friendly antagonist or as a friend to both.
Steve Rogers/Sam Wilson
These two just get each other, end of. For Sam and Steve I'd actually love to see some modern-setting AUs, whether powers or no-powers is up to you -- just because they're doctors or spies or at college, doesn't mean they can't be superheroes too. I love creative interpretations of AU tags and subversions of common tropes, so I'll love whatever you do with them. I just really want Sam to have a distinct identity other than being Steve's friend. Bucky and/or Natasha would be a great bonus here, as I love the way they work with Sam and Steve.
Bucky Barnes/Steve Rogers
My forever OTP. I love the history of their relationship, the banter between them, their world-endingly beautiful connection that brings them back together time and time again. I’d love to see Steve and Bucky being a pair of Winter Soldiers — feel free to interpret this how you want, it could be more James Bond and humorous and involve less torture and horrible brainwashing if you like. I'm also a huge fan of identity porn, them not knowing who each other is for whatever reason -- amnesia, canon alterations, anything really! Canon divergences are also great -- ending up on Asgard, Bucky surviving the fall from the train. Anything goes.
Otherwise, I’ve requested left-field AU situations as I love the idea of these characters existing in a different time and place but still being themselves. Steve and Bucky in allegorial fairy tales? Yes. At Hogwarts? Yes (no underage sex please). Also, I'm a huge fan of Paul Verhoeven's 1997 satire film Starship Troopers, and I would LOVE to see Steve and Bucky in that universe, if you're familiar with the canon and feel like doing it. But honestly, I'd love whatever you wanted to write for these two. Any of the characters I requested above would also be great in addition, as would most other MCU film characters with the exception of Tony.
Okay, this was ridiculously long. Thank you so much for reading and again, feel free to interpret these ideas however you like -- I love things that are different and unexpected and surprising. <3
Hello, lovely person who is writing something for me! I'm sure I'll love whatever you go for, so don't feel constrained by what I've put here. That said, here are some ideas:

General writing things )

Kathryn Janeway & Alynna Nechayev )

William Riker & Tasha Yar )

Deanna Troi & Tasha Yar )
If you're here: Hi *waves* and I'm really looking forward to whatever you're going to write for me.

Don't feel constrained by what I've put here. If you've already got a great idea, go for it, but if you want some things to get you started, I've noted some preferences below:
Things I like )

I'm less fond of )

Ship preferences )

Independence Day (1996) - Tom Whitmore & David Levinson )

Jessica Jones - Jessica Jones/Trish Walker )

Call the Midwife - Patsy Mount & Trixie Franklin )

Rome - Lucius Vorenus & Titus Pullo )

Thank you! <3
I posted a new story yesterday, another [community profile] trope_bingo fill for the trope 'character in distress'.

Naturally, I interpreted this as Steve and Bucky, and post-Azzano sad blowjobs. Enjoy!

my bones hold a stillness (AO3)

Captain America, Steve/Bucky, M, 1116 words (Blow Jobs, Implied/Referenced Torture)

His body sags against the wall, his legs no longer holding him up. An arm wraps around his waist, keeping him steady.

Steve doesn't let him fall.

Feedback adored.
I hate to start a post with whining, but anyway. It's been a long-ass week at work, and I will probably have to spend the entire weekend catching up on planning and marking. I'm existing in a state of perpetual exhaustion.

A bunch of fics have been posted by authors that I love, and I haven't even had time to read them. I did pick up the Civil War issue of Empire though -- most of the pics and important quotes had leaked online, but it was nice to see it as a whole.
lots of spoilery thoughts )

Also, the Check Please! update...oh my God.
i'll text you )
But anyway, I'm hoping to get as much done as I can today so there'll be time to work out my numerous fic projects -- lots of Steve/Bucky, an EvanStan thing that I may or may not finish. Onwards and upwards!
I finally got around to writing the first of my fills for [community profile] trope_bingo. When I saw 'sex pollen' on my bingo card, I immediately wanted to write it, but nothing really inspired me until I spotted the prompt 'a story set during a war' on the [community profile] mcuflashmeme.

So I went for WWII sex pollen -- most Steve/Bucky stories I've read with that trope are post-TWS, so it was fun to write it in the 1940s era. Essentially, it's just very sad porn; they investigate an abandoned HYDRA base, get exposed to a chemical agent, sex happens. Pining abounds.

A note: It's TFA-era, so not happy-ending territory.

inside me like my pulse (AO3)
Captain America, Steve/Bucky, M, 3108 words (Sex Pollen, WWII, Pining, Consent Issues, as in they both consent but aren't entirely in their right minds)

"Human trials of aerosolised aphrodisiacs," Steve reads, his voice stuttering on the last word.

Bucky frowns. "Did you just say --"

Steve can feel his face turning pink. "I'm not saying it again, Buck. You heard."

Feedback loved.
Obviously, after the Civil War superbowl trailer came out, I had FEELINGS.

I had some ideas for a Steve/Bucky five times fic (because I'm a huge fan of that trope), about them thinking they're being secretive when they aren't. It ended up being written in outsiderPOV, in 5 multiple POVs, which was an interesting challenge in keeping all the five voices distinct.

take this to your grave (AO3)
Captain America, Steve/Bucky, T, 3173 words (Outsider POV, hints of period-typical homophobia)

Five times they weren't as secretive as they thought.

(Steve and Bucky through the eyes of others.)

Feedback adored.
Have been slow at updating this, but anyway, here's a fic:

I rewatched a few episodes of Gossip Girl (haven't seen it much since the great obsession of 2011 when I binge-watched the lot) and had a ridiculous amount of feelings about Serena and Carter.

They're just so beautiful and painful together, the always-a-step-between couple who can never quite seem to be on the same page with each other. That said, I think they had great chemistry, and Carter understood Serena in a way I don't think any of the others did. I wanted to explore the idea of Serena somehow coming back to Carter, post-series, and so I wrote this:

it's a pretty good song (baby you know the rest) (AO3)
Gossip Girl, Carter/Serena, T, 2974 words

The thing is: Carter Baizen is an explosion of a boy, and Serena's never had the good sense to avoid things that sparked and flamed.

Feedback loved!

London is dull and rainy today, & I have a fever. Boo hiss.

However, I just signed up for [community profile] trope_bingo, so I'm hoping that'll kick-start my writing fire a little bit. I might even go multi-fandom for it; I've been in such a Steve/Bucky headspace lately I haven't really written much else.

My bingo card:










Some pretty interesting ones! I'm gonna aim for a five-square fill. I also convinced the wonderful [personal profile] evieeden to sign up alongside me *rubs hands together with evil laugh* so I'm sure she'll be witness to all my complaining and whining about how I can't write a fill.

 Finally got round to watching the last couple of episodes of Jessica Jones. Confession: I sometimes have to watch it with my hands over my eyes.

all the badass ladies )

I really want to write something, but I'm not sure what. I keep glancing over at the prompts on the [community profile] mcuflashmeme and they look good. I really should do it one of these days, but I'm just  a little frozen at the minute. Writing is such a damn hard hobby sometimes (having said that, I seem to be managing to publish something at least once a fortnight, so things can't be all that bad). It's just always the feeling that you may never write again, until the idea pops into your head. I can force myself to write, but what comes out is never decent enough quality for me to be happy with it; and yeah, I can edit, but I need to feel like it's at least something workable.

Doesn't help that my job is exhausting and busy, but that's life. Teaching can be pretty great, too, and I know it's a privilege. So yeah: must write more. I need to do more prompts or something. And work on my Stucky Big Bang 2016 idea which I still don't have.

Side note: I read 'And Tango Makes Three' to my teeny class today (if you don't know it, it's a book about the gay penguins in Central Park zoo who raised an egg together and omg, it's SO CUTE). There was talk about the penguin Dads being both boys, but then they just sort of accepted it. Yeah, 4 year olds are more open minded than most adults. Makes you wonder about what stuff society shoves into children's heads to make them forget all that stuff and just accept the crushing heternormativity of society.
Was in two minds whether to post this here, but anyway:

The product of all my sad!Steve Rogers headcanons. Angst abounds, and do please heed the warnings. Read below or on AO3:

a history of silence (AO3)
Captain America, Steve Rogers/Brock Rumlow, E, 4637 (warnings: violent sex, breathplay, fisting, verbal humiliation, under-negotiated kink, possible dubious consent.)

It's achingly familiar, being on his knees for Rumlow.

Feedback loved, of course.
I hadn't got round to posting this. Because I couldn't resist another 5 + 1 things fic...

Essentially a series of excuses to get Steve and Bucky together via hot weather. The closest thing I've written to fluff in a while, and as always, I entirely blame my fandom Girl Friday  evieeden for this schmoop. Read here or on AO3 with below link:

august and her sons (AO3)
Captain America, Steve/Bucky, M, 7781 words)
Five times hot weather brought Steve and Bucky together (+1 time they didn't need the weather).

If anyone does happen to read this on here, feedback is adored <3.
It's a lovely bright day in London and I'm devoting my afternoon to writing (I still suck at Dreamwidth - how do I Dreamwidth? But anyway...).

I have a few fics on the go, but I'm feeling like want to be a bit more fandom versatile. I have a bunch of unfinished Star Trek fics sitting in my WIPs folder, and a whole load of other pairings...but all I want to write is Steve/Bucky. Oh, the obsession of an all-consuming OTP.


The Martian by Andy Weir
Read more... )
Amelia Peabody series by Elizabeth Peters
Read more... )

Tempted to give the mcuflashmeme challenge a go: this week's prompt is a three-sibling story, and it kind of plays into the idea I had about writing a story about the 3 Barnes sisters. So I should go write that maybe, and also finish that story about Sarah Rogers that's been half-finished for months. 

After the loss of David Bowie earlier in the week, I was shocked and heartbroken to hear of Alan Rickman's death. The world has lost some great talent, but at least we have their work to console ourselves with (I feel a Die Hard rewatch in my near future).

I rewatched The Amazing Spider-Man for the first time since it came out. Have to say, it stands up pretty well.

long wordy thoughts )

Yesterday, I got the loveliest feedback on my Yuletide story. It was one of those comments that's incredibly detailed about all the aspects the reader loved; those are just the best. It's been getting quite a few comments relative to hits, so I'm pleased with how it turned out. Susan and Millie had such a fascinating relationship in the show, and I loved exploring the idea that there was a little more to their past than friendship. Code-breaking ladies ftw.

found a calling as sweet as a lover  (AO3)
The Bletchley Circle, Susan/Millie, M, 4896 words
History will not tell their story.

This week was a bit of a headache at work, but thankfully there's time to do writing. I've been feeling ever-so-slightly about my own style recently, but I'm trying to ignore it and just get the words out. A Steve/Bucky 5 +1 fic is brewing in my future I think (because I haven't written one in a while, and that trope is always kind of fun). I'd better get to it and stop pouring needless words into this journal.
Deciding to finally use my Dreamwidth account - for what, I'm not sure.

I need more fandom people to follow, so do please say hi if you've wandered over from my tumblr or AO3 page. Currently, I'm having a lot of Star Wars feelings, but also have about 10000 Captain America-related ideas that I may or may not write.

Posted a story yesterday. Can be summarised as 'sad boys having sad sex':

twice i have lived forever in a smile (AO3)
Captain America, Steve/Bucky, E, 2537 words

Back in Brooklyn, there’d been nights where Steve or Bucky would press hands and mouths together, touch each other furtively under rustling sheets. There was always some excuse — no decent dames at the dance for Bucky that night, or Steve needing something to distract him from the wheezing rattle of his chest — and they'd laugh it off afterwards, like it was nothing.

It doesn’t feel like nothing now.

(Two first times: Post-Zola angst, and reuniting in the 21st century.)

Weirdly, it seems like a lot of my stuff posted in the Steve/Bucky tag of late is turning up much lower hit counts than it used to, kudos and comments notwithstanding (and I don't tend to get a ton of those to begin with). The neurotic side of me would say it's because I suck, but IDK. I wonder if the fandom's quiet at the minute? Perhaps everyone has jumped ship to Finn/Poe and TFA (and that reminds me, I have a Finn/Poe fic I keep trying to start, and can't seem to find the right voice for Finn).

So, enjoy the wordvomit. I need to go and cook before I feel faint.


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