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Hi! I'm really looking forward to whatever you're going to write for me. Don't feel constrained by what I've put here if you already have a great idea, but I've put some general preferences below.

General AU tags
I've selected A LOT of tags, and some are pairing-specific, but I wanted to break down some of my main ones. Note you don't have to interpret any of them literally -- any direction you take this in is fine.
AU - Space
I'm so into anything set in space -- Steve and Bucky as astronauts? Meeting Thor on Asgard. Interdimensional travel. Anything like that, I'm game.
AU - Post-Apocalypse Survival
I love, love, love this idea. All of the characters I've chosen would be able to hold their own in a post-apocalyptic world, I think. Nuclear war? Zombie virus? Anything goes. I'd love to see their different take on it depending who the character is. Sam being quietly pragmatic and saving up all the food, Bucky grimly shoring up weapons and ammo. Thor bringing some levity to the situation (or not -- has Asgard been destroyed?).
AU - Future
Superpowered characters and their unidentified lifespans led me to select this one. There's potential for a lot of angst here, if you wanted to go that route.
Writing Things
I like:
Sharp, punchy writing; lots of action and dialogue. 3rd person, please. 
Grace under pressure and competent characters who do their best despite whatever crazy things are happening to them. The sad combined with the absurd is also great, too — I love black humour. Characters in unusual locations or situations are my jam -- the stranger the better, I'm good with it. I’m also a fan of negative space, things that are left unsaid and characters with ambiguous feelings.
I’m less fond of:
Humiliation/embarrassment, pregnancy and kidfic, infidelity, long stretches of character introspection. Unhappy endings aren’t my thing — I’m fine with ambiguous, but there should still be some hope.
Ship preferences:
I like equal relationships, people who banter and snark at each other. Odd couples and people in forced proximity to one another — stranded or lost somewhere is great.
Awkward flirting, meet-cutes, people meeting in bizarre situations and having to make the best of it. Also, pining — ALL THE PINING. I love characters who quietly burn for each other, and don't deal with it very well. I don't like infidelity
** A note on sex:
I like a hot sex scene as much as the next person, but don't feel pressured to include them if you don't want to. I prefer sex to be a function of the narrative, to reveal something about the characters or somehow advance the plot, so if it doesn't do that, feel free to nix it. **
Bucky Barnes/Pepper Potts
Put these two insanely competent characters together; I think magic will happen. Feel free to be creative with this one. I'd love to see Pepper using her Extremis, a situation that throws them together and they have to grudgingly get to know one another -- perhaps post-TWS he somehow comes into contact with Pepper? I can see them meeting differently, if you wanted to explore that. AUs and canon-divergence are cool -- 1940s Pepper and Bucky would be great, but I'm also cool with modern settings.
Steve Rogers/Thor
** I requested them under the ship tag, but I'd also be fine with fic where they're just friends. **
I love their friendship and the quiet ways they seem to understand each other. I feel like Thor would bring out the fun side of Steve, and equally, he might feel able to show Steve his more serious side and let his guard down a bit. Friends to lovers would be a great trope here. Thor is often jokey and full of laughter, but he has the wisdom and weight of thousands of years on him and I'd love to see a different side to that -- how all that knowledge affects him. The Future AU tag would be a great one here -- Thor and Steve being the only ones left alive after all the other Avengers are gone? Steve on Asgard with Thor for some unknown reason? Searching for Bucky with Heimdall? Realm-hopping through the Nine Worlds just for fun? Loki would also be great, here whether as a friendly antagonist or as a friend to both.
Steve Rogers/Sam Wilson
These two just get each other, end of. For Sam and Steve I'd actually love to see some modern-setting AUs, whether powers or no-powers is up to you -- just because they're doctors or spies or at college, doesn't mean they can't be superheroes too. I love creative interpretations of AU tags and subversions of common tropes, so I'll love whatever you do with them. I just really want Sam to have a distinct identity other than being Steve's friend. Bucky and/or Natasha would be a great bonus here, as I love the way they work with Sam and Steve.
Bucky Barnes/Steve Rogers
My forever OTP. I love the history of their relationship, the banter between them, their world-endingly beautiful connection that brings them back together time and time again. I’d love to see Steve and Bucky being a pair of Winter Soldiers — feel free to interpret this how you want, it could be more James Bond and humorous and involve less torture and horrible brainwashing if you like. I'm also a huge fan of identity porn, them not knowing who each other is for whatever reason -- amnesia, canon alterations, anything really! Canon divergences are also great -- ending up on Asgard, Bucky surviving the fall from the train. Anything goes.
Otherwise, I’ve requested left-field AU situations as I love the idea of these characters existing in a different time and place but still being themselves. Steve and Bucky in allegorial fairy tales? Yes. At Hogwarts? Yes (no underage sex please). Also, I'm a huge fan of Paul Verhoeven's 1997 satire film Starship Troopers, and I would LOVE to see Steve and Bucky in that universe, if you're familiar with the canon and feel like doing it. But honestly, I'd love whatever you wanted to write for these two. Any of the characters I requested above would also be great in addition, as would most other MCU film characters with the exception of Tony.
Okay, this was ridiculously long. Thank you so much for reading and again, feel free to interpret these ideas however you like -- I love things that are different and unexpected and surprising. <3
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