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Oct. 8th, 2016 11:04 pm
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 First of all, thank you so much for writing for me! Don't feel constrained by the prompts I've put here if you already have an idea, but I get super excited about all these fandoms and have rambled extensively about them below.

Things I like:
- Sharp, punchy writing that gets right to the point, lots of action and dialogue. Starting in media res is fine if you feel the story works better like that.
- The sad combined with the absurd.
- Grace under pressure and competent characters who do their best despite whatever crazy things are happening to them.
- Characters in unusual locations or situations -- the stranger the better, I'm good with it.
- Characters who are defined by their desperate want or need for something (blame Vonnegut for that one, with his whole 'every character should want something, even if it's a glass of water' thing).
- Negative space, things that are left unsaid and characters with ambiguous feelings.
- Canon-divergence.

I'm not into:
- Non-con
- Embarassment/humiliation
- Long stretches of character introspection
- Mpreg
- A/B/O
- Please don't include romantic pairings other than the ones requested. Otherwise, go for it!

Ship preferences:

- Equal relationships, people who balance each other out and bounce off each other.
- Friends to lovers
- Slow burn
- Awkward but still tender sex
- First times
- Banter, seeing each others flaws and being able to poke fun at the other person.
- Awkward flirting, meet-cutes, people meeting in bizarre situations and having to make the best of it.
- Pining. ALL THE PINING. I love characters who quietly burn for each other, and don't deal with it very well.
- I don't like infidelity.

A note on sex: 

I like a hot sex scene as much as the next person, but don't feel pressured to include them if you don't want to. I prefer sex to be a function of the narrative, to reveal something about the characters or somehow advance the plot, so if it doesn't do that, feel free to nix it.

Rome - Lucius Vorenus, Titus Pullo
This show had just two series, but boy, were they glorious. You can watch it on Netflix.
The quintessential odd couple! I love the way that these two have always been in the background of history, and how they get on so well despite being such opposites. I'd like Vorenus not to die, please, as that was so terribly sad in the series. The lush backdrop of Rome provides some great settings and ideas, so feel free to explore that as you will. Maybe post-series, they make it out of the city and live a strange, nomadic life together (Pullo inventing bizarre schemes to make money, and Vorenus being uber-competent at whatever he does).

They've seen so much and been through so much, so it would be great to see how that's affected them. I can see Pullo becoming a little more measured as a result of his experiences -- but no less fun -- and Vorenus learning not to take life too seriously.

** Either romance or friendship, your choice. If you do go the romantic route, I'd be pretty into Vorenus and Pullo pining awkwardly for each other, or possibly having sex every now and again and NOT TALKING ABOUT IT. I'd love to see how they'd navigate their feelings for each other, particularly Vorenus, who is just so terribly bad at feelings, poor lamb. **

Peep Show: Mark Corrigan, Jeremy Usbourne
Currently available on UK Netflix, and may well be on other platforms. Where to start with Peep Show? The cynical comedy of this show is brilliant - Mark and Jeremy are ridiculous and really unlikeable people, but you somehow root for them anyway. You'd be hard pressed to find an odder couple than these two. Mark's extreme emotional repression combined with Jeremy's complete lack of social graces and a sense of self-preservation makes for a hilarious mix.

Can we please set the story pre-Mark's baby, as I prefer canon before then. I'd like something that draws on the general absurdity of the show, but also the genuine affection between Mark and Jeremy we see sometimes, like when Jeremy has a meltdown in the sushi restaurant over the fact Mark might be moving out. If you go romantic here, perhaps some incredibly awkward hookup (the potential for comedy here would be enormous, with Mark's sexual insecurity and Jeremy's overconfidence) that somehow makes way for genuine feelings, which they naturally have no idea how to deal with.

Appearances by Johnson, SuperHans or Big Suze would be welcome. I don't mind Sophie but would rather she didn't have a big role; I want it to primarily be about the El Dude brothers.

Ballet Shoes: Petrova Fossil
One of my favourite childhood books; I still re-read this constantly. I was always fascinated by Petrova and the ways she was different from Pauline and Posy - sibling relationships could be an interesting thing to explore for this story. Do the three Fossils stay close as adults? Other Ballet Shoes characters would also be welcome here: the doctors and Garnie for one. 

N.B. I haven't read the short story What Happened to Pauline, Petrova and Posy, so you don't have to include that, but if you do know it then it's fine to add anything from it that may be relevant.

Basically, I would love a story that focuses on Petrova finding a niche for herself. I'm not sure exactly what age she'd be when war broke out in 1939, but if you want to explore a wartime setting, that would be really cool. Does Petrova train as a pilot and join the Air Transport Auxiliary (if you're familiar with either the history or Elizabeth Wein's novel Code Name Verity, that could something really fun to explore and I'd be very happy with a crossover where Petrova meets Maddie)? Does she become an army mechanic? You could even put her at Bletchley Park and make her a codebreaker, given that she has a talent for mathematics. I love everything about Petrova and I'll be happy with anything you write about her, honestly.

Call the Midwife: Patsy Mount, Trixie Franklin
Also available on Netflix. I adore this show, what can I say? I live in the East End and it's just fantastic to see a show that explores its rich history. So, Trixie and Patsy -- I LOVE these two! They can both be so charming and effusive, and they've learned to put on a front to the world, but inside they're so terribly brittle and wounded. I'd be super excited about any story involving them that explores these things. Could be light-hearted, serious, or ideally a mix of the two - after all, they're both used to having to make the best out of tough situations.

** As far as Delia goes, you can do as you wish, but no killing her off, please; I'd like it amicable. It'd be great to see Trixie and Patsy tentatively navigating a relationship together, and how they'd deal with that. Trixie coming to terms with her sexuality could be an interesting angle, but please don't make it too angsty. Trixie's alcoholism can be referenced, but nothing too dark, please -- I'd like to see her dealing with it in a healthy way, hopefully with the help of Patsy. **

Friendships with the other ladies would be a bonus, too. No focus on male characters please.


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