I posted a new story yesterday, another [community profile] trope_bingo fill for the trope 'character in distress'.

Naturally, I interpreted this as Steve and Bucky, and post-Azzano sad blowjobs. Enjoy!

my bones hold a stillness (AO3)

Captain America, Steve/Bucky, M, 1116 words (Blow Jobs, Implied/Referenced Torture)

His body sags against the wall, his legs no longer holding him up. An arm wraps around his waist, keeping him steady.

Steve doesn't let him fall.

Feedback adored.
I finally got around to writing the first of my fills for [community profile] trope_bingo. When I saw 'sex pollen' on my bingo card, I immediately wanted to write it, but nothing really inspired me until I spotted the prompt 'a story set during a war' on the [community profile] mcuflashmeme.

So I went for WWII sex pollen -- most Steve/Bucky stories I've read with that trope are post-TWS, so it was fun to write it in the 1940s era. Essentially, it's just very sad porn; they investigate an abandoned HYDRA base, get exposed to a chemical agent, sex happens. Pining abounds.

A note: It's TFA-era, so not happy-ending territory.

inside me like my pulse (AO3)
Captain America, Steve/Bucky, M, 3108 words (Sex Pollen, WWII, Pining, Consent Issues, as in they both consent but aren't entirely in their right minds)

"Human trials of aerosolised aphrodisiacs," Steve reads, his voice stuttering on the last word.

Bucky frowns. "Did you just say --"

Steve can feel his face turning pink. "I'm not saying it again, Buck. You heard."

Feedback loved.
Obviously, after the Civil War superbowl trailer came out, I had FEELINGS.

I had some ideas for a Steve/Bucky five times fic (because I'm a huge fan of that trope), about them thinking they're being secretive when they aren't. It ended up being written in outsiderPOV, in 5 multiple POVs, which was an interesting challenge in keeping all the five voices distinct.

take this to your grave (AO3)
Captain America, Steve/Bucky, T, 3173 words (Outsider POV, hints of period-typical homophobia)

Five times they weren't as secretive as they thought.

(Steve and Bucky through the eyes of others.)

Feedback adored.
Deciding to finally use my Dreamwidth account - for what, I'm not sure.

I need more fandom people to follow, so do please say hi if you've wandered over from my tumblr or AO3 page. Currently, I'm having a lot of Star Wars feelings, but also have about 10000 Captain America-related ideas that I may or may not write.

Posted a story yesterday. Can be summarised as 'sad boys having sad sex':

twice i have lived forever in a smile (AO3)
Captain America, Steve/Bucky, E, 2537 words

Back in Brooklyn, there’d been nights where Steve or Bucky would press hands and mouths together, touch each other furtively under rustling sheets. There was always some excuse — no decent dames at the dance for Bucky that night, or Steve needing something to distract him from the wheezing rattle of his chest — and they'd laugh it off afterwards, like it was nothing.

It doesn’t feel like nothing now.

(Two first times: Post-Zola angst, and reuniting in the 21st century.)

Weirdly, it seems like a lot of my stuff posted in the Steve/Bucky tag of late is turning up much lower hit counts than it used to, kudos and comments notwithstanding (and I don't tend to get a ton of those to begin with). The neurotic side of me would say it's because I suck, but IDK. I wonder if the fandom's quiet at the minute? Perhaps everyone has jumped ship to Finn/Poe and TFA (and that reminds me, I have a Finn/Poe fic I keep trying to start, and can't seem to find the right voice for Finn).

So, enjoy the wordvomit. I need to go and cook before I feel faint.
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