Deciding to finally use my Dreamwidth account - for what, I'm not sure.

I need more fandom people to follow, so do please say hi if you've wandered over from my tumblr or AO3 page. Currently, I'm having a lot of Star Wars feelings, but also have about 10000 Captain America-related ideas that I may or may not write.

Posted a story yesterday. Can be summarised as 'sad boys having sad sex':

twice i have lived forever in a smile (AO3)
Captain America, Steve/Bucky, E, 2537 words

Back in Brooklyn, there’d been nights where Steve or Bucky would press hands and mouths together, touch each other furtively under rustling sheets. There was always some excuse — no decent dames at the dance for Bucky that night, or Steve needing something to distract him from the wheezing rattle of his chest — and they'd laugh it off afterwards, like it was nothing.

It doesn’t feel like nothing now.

(Two first times: Post-Zola angst, and reuniting in the 21st century.)

Weirdly, it seems like a lot of my stuff posted in the Steve/Bucky tag of late is turning up much lower hit counts than it used to, kudos and comments notwithstanding (and I don't tend to get a ton of those to begin with). The neurotic side of me would say it's because I suck, but IDK. I wonder if the fandom's quiet at the minute? Perhaps everyone has jumped ship to Finn/Poe and TFA (and that reminds me, I have a Finn/Poe fic I keep trying to start, and can't seem to find the right voice for Finn).

So, enjoy the wordvomit. I need to go and cook before I feel faint.


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