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So, the biggest news I have is that I'm moving to China in a few months for work!!! It'll be a big change, but I'm excited about it. Currently making a start on learning Mandarin, which means I've been spending most of my time on pinyin tone drills and less on writing. A little apprehensive about the potential impact moving to a country that restricts expression will have on my fic writing hobby, but anyway....

Life stuff and a few problems have meant I haven't managed to finish a piece of writing in MONTHS, which has kind of bummed me out. Have been reading a lot more though, which has to be a good thing. Right now I'm reading Wild Swans by Jung Chang, which is every bit as sweeping and expansive as I expected it to be. I'm learning a lot about Chinese history, and hope to read more books about China soon.

TV-wise, I spent a solid month binge-watching NBC's Hannibal, which was every bit as delightful and over the top as I expected. Predictably, I fell completely in love with Hannibal and Will (and omg, Bedelia <3). Have a few quibbles about some of the weekly plots and the way the female characters were developed, but overall, I adored it, it was perfect and Hannigram is the fucked-up, beautiful pairing of my dreams.

Also just got into Silk, a BBC series about barristers that came out a few years ago. It's surprisingly engrossing, Maxine Peake is a joy and it also stars Natalie Dormer, who I am always in love with, whatever she's in. Maybe I will fic for it, but possibly not.

The past few months I've really been struggling with writing, and I've started/tried to continue so many projects I've been unable to complete. Why is it I can only write fic when I'm on deadline to do something else? Have a ton of planning for school to do, and instead I've dusted off the Serena/Carter sequel thing that's been forever languishing in my drafts. London is sunny and bright today, if windy, and maybe I'll even finish something. Here's hoping.
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