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Hello, lovely person who is writing something for me! I'm sure I'll love whatever you go for, so don't feel constrained by what I've put here. That said, here are some ideas:

General writing things:
I like sharp punchy writing, lots of action and dialogue. 3rd person, please. Competent characters who handle everything that's thrown at them, but who can also be vulnerable. Unusual locations and situations (missions, planets, holodecks, whatever). Canon-divergence is okay, too -- I love 'what if' scenarios

Kathryn Janeway & Alynna Nechayev
Ah, these two competent, badass ladies! I could read ALL the fic about them. I'd love to see something post-Voyager, around the time Janeway becomes a flag officer. Alynna and Kathryn getting drunk together in the admiral's lounge at Starfleet Headquarters? Alynna giving Janeway advice on how to handle her new rank, maybe. Chats about the Borg! Or perhaps them going on a top-secret mission together. Anything you write for these guys, I'm game.

William Riker & Tasha Yar
We got so little of them in canon, but I like to think they have this playful relationship. They clearly trust each other, and I'd love to see a more fun moment between these two where they disregard their ranks. Parisses squares match? Holodeck visit? Mission that goes wrong, forcing them to get to know each other better when trapped somewhere? Anything light-hearted would be great. AUs where Tasha lives would be even better.

Deanna Troi & Tasha Yar
Two of my favourite ladies. I'd love to see something where Tasha doesn't die, if possible -- either pre-canon where they get to know each other, or an AU where Tasha survives. I want to see these two supporting each other, having fun together, celebrating their careers and the ups and downs of life. I feel like Deanna is one of the few people Tasha feels safe with and can let her guard down around. Anything about these two, I guarantee I will LOVE.
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