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I hate to start a post with whining, but anyway. It's been a long-ass week at work, and I will probably have to spend the entire weekend catching up on planning and marking. I'm existing in a state of perpetual exhaustion.

A bunch of fics have been posted by authors that I love, and I haven't even had time to read them. I did pick up the Civil War issue of Empire though -- most of the pics and important quotes had leaked online, but it was nice to see it as a whole.
Overall, I liked it, but the Russos are starting to come across as a little arrogant to me. I really hope it's going to be a good film, but I remain cautiously optimistic, as depending on how the editing goes, they might end up sidelining the Steve/Bucky dynamic in favour of more Steve/Tony fighting. We all know what the controversial ending will probably be -- Steve dying, if only temporarily -- and it kind of pisses me off that the directors keep mentioning it like it's the most groundbreaking thing ever. Also, they did the usual 'Steve loves Bucky, because he is his brother'. Like, I get what they're doing and it's very smart to court the fandom that ships Steve/Bucky, but they have to qualify it with a 'no homo' statement. This a mainstream Hollywood movie, we're never actually going to get anything but subtext, and that just makes me sad. There'll be no queer representation, and we'll have to make do with breadcrumbs. In 2016, that just strikes me as unbelievably shitty.

Also, I didn't like that they said Bucky would be a character that people will be arguing about, whether he's a hero or villain. Like, seriously. I don't get why apparently only Steve has sympathy for Bucky -- Bucky, who is a Howling Commando, a decorated war hero who gave so much to his country and then spent 70 years being tortured and brainwashed. Even if he does something terrible in this film and it's supposedly of his own free will, I don't think you can ever divorce Bucky's actions from the trauma he's experienced. The guy needs therapy, not the whole world coming after him. I'm kind of worried that there's going to be an awful moment where Bucky 'betrays' Steve and reveals he's still under conditioning/working for Zemo, and I won't be able to handle it. This film is going to wreck me.

Also, T'Challa! I really want to see more of him in the next trailer. I think his role will have something to do with the government, wanting to track Bucky down for something he did as the Winter Soldier. Chadwick Boseman looks like he'll bring some great things to the role. I for one am excited.

Is it May already? Also, we need another trailer. The SuperBowl TV spot barely whet my appetite. I get the feeling, like the TWS trailers, it's sidelining the real villains of the piece. There's a lot that is unexplained thus far, I wonder what Baron Zemo's role will be.

Also, the Check Please! update...oh my God.
I think the best thing about it, and there were many good things -- Jack's heart dropping when he thinks Bitty isn't there, Halo playing over Bitty's headphones, Jack knowing that Bitty's crying about him, Jack's large hand curving tenderly around Bitty's cheek when he kisses him -- was that for once, we're actually getting a canon same-sex relationship. It's not being swept under the carpet, or being chickened out of it. It's actually here. Mainstream media, take note. I think I actually died, especially when the second panel came out and Jack texted Bitty when he was barely out of the Haus *listens to the sound of my heart cracking into a thousand pieces*. Most of all, I'm just so proud of Jack, that he was willing to take a risk and follow his heart for once.
But anyway, I'm hoping to get as much done as I can today so there'll be time to work out my numerous fic projects -- lots of Steve/Bucky, an EvanStan thing that I may or may not finish. Onwards and upwards!
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