Feb. 21st, 2016

Have been slow at updating this, but anyway, here's a fic:

I rewatched a few episodes of Gossip Girl (haven't seen it much since the great obsession of 2011 when I binge-watched the lot) and had a ridiculous amount of feelings about Serena and Carter.

They're just so beautiful and painful together, the always-a-step-between couple who can never quite seem to be on the same page with each other. That said, I think they had great chemistry, and Carter understood Serena in a way I don't think any of the others did. I wanted to explore the idea of Serena somehow coming back to Carter, post-series, and so I wrote this:

it's a pretty good song (baby you know the rest) (AO3)
Gossip Girl, Carter/Serena, T, 2974 words

The thing is: Carter Baizen is an explosion of a boy, and Serena's never had the good sense to avoid things that sparked and flamed.

Feedback loved!

Obviously, after the Civil War superbowl trailer came out, I had FEELINGS.

I had some ideas for a Steve/Bucky five times fic (because I'm a huge fan of that trope), about them thinking they're being secretive when they aren't. It ended up being written in outsiderPOV, in 5 multiple POVs, which was an interesting challenge in keeping all the five voices distinct.

take this to your grave (AO3)
Captain America, Steve/Bucky, T, 3173 words (Outsider POV, hints of period-typical homophobia)

Five times they weren't as secretive as they thought.

(Steve and Bucky through the eyes of others.)

Feedback adored.


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