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 Finally got round to watching the last couple of episodes of Jessica Jones. Confession: I sometimes have to watch it with my hands over my eyes.

Damn, this show is scary. So much that I have to pause it sometimes. I'm so interested about where they'll take it next season, now that Kilgrave's dead. But heavens, sometimes it is a rough watch. I'm no wimp, but sometimes I found it a bit much to stomach (child!Kilgrave torture comes to mind). I love that it didn't sugar-coat its subject matter, though. The way its female characters had their own narratives and stories to tell really resonated for me, particularly Jessica and Trish's friendship.

Jessica didn't have to fit into any particular box as a character, and was allowed to drink heavily and have sex. She was shown to be very flawed as well as being a trauma survivor, but also a strong person who is determined to do the right thing. I liked that the show didn't shy away from making her a complex, multi-faceted character whose motivations aren't always black and white. Overall, it was good - head and shoulders above any of the Marvel films in terms of ladies, as much as I love the films. Looking forward to S2!

I really want to write something, but I'm not sure what. I keep glancing over at the prompts on the [community profile] mcuflashmeme and they look good. I really should do it one of these days, but I'm just  a little frozen at the minute. Writing is such a damn hard hobby sometimes (having said that, I seem to be managing to publish something at least once a fortnight, so things can't be all that bad). It's just always the feeling that you may never write again, until the idea pops into your head. I can force myself to write, but what comes out is never decent enough quality for me to be happy with it; and yeah, I can edit, but I need to feel like it's at least something workable.

Doesn't help that my job is exhausting and busy, but that's life. Teaching can be pretty great, too, and I know it's a privilege. So yeah: must write more. I need to do more prompts or something. And work on my Stucky Big Bang 2016 idea which I still don't have.

Side note: I read 'And Tango Makes Three' to my teeny class today (if you don't know it, it's a book about the gay penguins in Central Park zoo who raised an egg together and omg, it's SO CUTE). There was talk about the penguin Dads being both boys, but then they just sort of accepted it. Yeah, 4 year olds are more open minded than most adults. Makes you wonder about what stuff society shoves into children's heads to make them forget all that stuff and just accept the crushing heternormativity of society.
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